LCS201 is for the split of the board (such as alumina-nitride), and laser scribing machine sintered ceramic. Image processing performed by the alignment marks on the surface of ceramic, corrected by the data processing software, draw a straight line at high speed with high accuracy for the dot divided into ceramic surface.

Processing conditions, so they can be freely set by the customer, (with track record is t = 0.36 ~ 1.00mm) can respond to the various boards.

Unlike diamond cutter and dicer, is a dry process during processing does not require oil and water. Maintenance without replacement, because the tool is also unnecessary, can run in a low running cost.

After the introduction for the study offers a "processing service" test. Please use it when replacing existing equipment and new installations. Consultation, it is possible to report it immediately corresponds. Ceramic plate if you are prepared by the customer. Is also available to the request of the full cut of the substrate. Please contact us so we have also accepted test cut consultation.


Laser scriber LCS201 brochure ceramic substrate [Japanese] (1.55MB)



  • - Part user interface (lamps switch various mouse, keyboard, monitor)
  • - Control unit (PC-FA various drivers ・ IO)
  • - Processing optical unit (laser oscillator, beam expander, vendors mirror, condenser lens)
  • - Observation optical unit (camera image processing, lens, lighting)
  • - Stage unit (XYZ stage, suction machine, jig work)
  • - Peripheral unit (chiller, air blow, dust collector)
Is composed of, etc., to control PC software and processing necessary to screen only console has been installed.