LCD355 series is a laser processing machine peeling high-speed, large-area uniform thin films and ultra-thin-film coating.

On the base material (resin, glass, crystal, ceramics, etc.), was produced in the (epitaxial growth), for optical and semiconductor gas phase process of PVD (physical vapor deposition sputtering ・), CVD of chemical vapor phase epitaxy remove the peel with pin-point (Cr ・ Al ・ Ni ・ Cu ・ Ti ・ Au ・ Ag ・ Pt ・ Pd ・ Ta ・ Mo ・ ITO) thin films and ultra-thin-film coating.

The "type high-speed machining" There are two types of "large-area-type machine."

Productivity improvement

High-speed machining (60 points per second) 3600 points per minute. Significantly reduce the tact time. Other processing methods can be quite high-speed machining that could not be realized.

Peeling a large area

Equipped with special laser and optical system, to increase the area of each point of peeling and thin-film coating is possible. Can also accommodate large work control and coordination of galvanometer XY stage.

Precision and high precision

Over the entire range by the use of positioning and processing by the image recognition, a high-precision digital Galvano, can be processed accurately targeted to the location is possible. By using a special lens to be processed at substantially the same shape is possible.

How to use simple

Is available to DXF files exported from Adobe Illustlator and AutoCAD. You can easily even in first operation to pursue thoroughly and ease of use. Loader & unloader is also making available as an option.

Type high-speed machining Type large area processing
Type LCD355-220 LCD355-2000
Processing speed < 60Hz < 30Hz
Delamination size <φ80μm < φ150μm
Angular resolution 1.5μrad(Galvano section)
Repeatability < ±3μm(Galvano section)
Processing range 300mm×200mm
Positioning Mark recognition by image processing
Dimensions W1000mm×H1500mm×D1700mm(Body)
Supply voltage AC100V15A(50/60hz)
Weight 約800kg
PC OS Windows XP Japanese version
Control software Proprietary controller (Japanese)
Deliverables The apparatus main body, control box, control software, manual
Laser Class Class1
The main consumables Optical components (mirrors, a lens and a lamp)
Warranty period 1 year after shipment
Delivery time Order production
Option Loader / Unloader

※Price of the device, standard delivery, such as processing test requests, questions, please feel free to contact us.


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