According to customer requests, we will develop from a single laser processing machine for the fine. Processing corresponding to that in the laser marker and laser engraving machine is difficult to corresponding existing (over-and complex image processing and faster, high precision over a large area) is good. You can respond to a wide range of industrial (inline) research and development level and level.

The laser processing machine YAG1062nm UV third harmonic Green second harmonic IR fundamental, CO2, fiber, disk, and short pulse femtosecond . Must be selected according to the laser processing so is the difference between the absorption rate of laser light by the material. Can produce a variety of processing applications is to select the optimal wavelength and output is possible.

Laser processing machine of our company has actually been turned on board LED, solar cells, electronic components, display devices, and research and development to manufacturing process, such as an alumina substrate.

"Flow of development"
- The main flow of the actual device until Dekiagaru inquiries can be confirmed.

"Test room"
- We have prepared, you can check in advance or can be processed.

"Target application"
- Type of processing equipment that is able to can be confirmed.

"Application performance"
- Part of the performance of our laser processing was carried out so far can be confirmed.

- Frequently Asked Questions from Customers can check for laser processing machines.

"User's Voice"
- We'll send you a part of the "raw voice" of our customers have been introduced.

The combination with various laser oscillator, XYZθ stage, galvanometer scan, Galvano optical system, a fixed optical system, the image processing equipment.

So you may want to consider a variety of processing conditions, and then manufacture a device using a WINDOWS PC man-machine interface, so that you can easily configure and test a variety of conditions in the research and development.

In addition, for the development of laser systems for industrial level, you may want to produce the same level of equipment research and development as experimental aircraft.

The inlining combined with loaders and unloaders made ??of laser processing machine such as a robot arm. Large number of laser processing technology has been introduced also for the industry already.

(To introduce the laser processing technology for mass production lines without sufficient investigation involves a greater risk. You can avoid or reduce their risk by performing sufficient validation experiments and experimental aircraft manufactured in advance. We recommend that you proceed with the development of mass production → test machine in the order of machine if possible.)