To develop laser processing machine from scratch, you can listen to your voice is important first. Your problem is different. One by one to accommodate that, let me listen firmly. Please phone or e-mail to us.

Please feel free to contact us at mail call. Will then be handled by professional laser processing.

As a concrete request, please tell me what problems processing, use, material, size, range processing, tactile, current, schedule, budget. Processing content, please indicated by a simple diagram or picture.

Consider the contents of the hearing, to determine whether available from technical and business aspects.

Laser processing can be selected potential is high, the work was prepared by the customer we will test processing.

Since the return to work test, you will validate the customer. If OK, and the determination of the equipment specification, will be submitted quote.

On top of the order, and then manufactured. You can reduce your risk by fabricating a prototype. Determine the final specification→ Drawing approval→ Parts production→ Assembly and wiring and → Settings and Adjustments→ Test report→ Instructions→ Transportation and installation→ Delivery

Will identify the problems and issues of a prototype point, let's focus on the design and manufacture of production aircraft was based on.


Contract production laser processing [Features] / Laser Cutting Machine fabrication steps (1.55MB)