We are good at precise laser processing fine. Need help to encrypt more equipment to cut open without cutting the surface stress, a fine hole, a thin, such as processing, please contact us.

Content processing Brittle material
Ceramics / Glass
Resin material
Polyimide / Acrylic
Metal material
SUS / Aluminum
Groove / scribing
(Cutting the surface processing)
Full cut
△(t < 1mm) △(t < 3mm) △(t < 0.1mm)
Peeling processing
(Removal of the surface of the base material film)
△(On request)
△(On request)
(Print symbol / character)


  • Fundamental YAG (1064nm)
  • SHG YAG (532nm)
  • THG YAG (355nm)

  • CO2(10640nm)
  • Fiber laser
  • Disk laser


Because it targets the microfabrication, for applications to take advantage of high-power laser oscillator I am afraid that I can not support. As a rule of thumb, if less than 500W CO2, will correspond to the output of the system, if less than 100W YAG.


Rather than use a laser oscillator by a particular manufacturer and trading company, you can select the optimal oscillator to customers from a variety of laser oscillator are commercially available.

It is also possible to study with us when the laser oscillator specified by the customer was already Already.

It also received consultation and after months of equipment commercially available laser marker, such as cooperation with the image processing system for a variety of mosquito.

If you want to do and in the various experiments and research in universities and research institutes laser processing, even if there are multiple target applications, we have also provided useful software that can efficiently research and experimentation. Please contact us.